nicoletteofficeFrom the moment I had My first fantasy, I knew I was different.

I grew up in a typical Southern California household.  As I developed and My sexuality evolved, I further realized I did  not fit into what is conceptually normal.

My inner dominance surfaced for the first time when i was 17.  I held My  boyfriend down while kissing, gently at first which progressed to pinning him below Me and finally to tying him down with My scarves…

My growth as a Dominatrix occurred naturally.  It started with books and magazines, I learned that I was not the only person with these desires.  This knowledge further fueled My curiosity.  The possibilities of acting out My fantasies became more real. My boyfriends would each eventually discover–BDSM experimentation became a central part of My sexuality.  Each Anne Rice book or reference in a movie (to BDSM) brought Me closer to the reality with partners equally fixated on a power exchange dynamic.

My first play partners were likeminded, more into exploring their need for sadomasochism than pursuing vanilla desires.  As I began to navigate the kink scene, I learned about play parties.

I finally found a place where I belonged: in the midst of kink scenes, listening to the sounds of whips cracking and groans of pain and lust.

I hungered to learn more.  I wanted the ground to practically shake beneath Me when I held a whip.  I took as many classes as I could find and practiced as often as I could.

As My reputation grew in the kink community, people began to request private sessions with Me.

After My first session, I was hooked.  The power-exchange was intoxicating.  Being a Dominatrix allows Me to be Myself-this is what I have always wanted to do.  I explore the boundaries of pain, pleasure, and mental stimulation with the intent of redefining what we consider possible as kinksters.

If you would like to find out more you can call Me on Night Flirt!Mistress-nicolette-nite-flirt