Please be respectful of My time.  This questionnaire is only for those sincere about booking a session with Me in the near future.  By filling this out you are making the first step into our journey together.  Everything that you choose to share with Me will always remain just between us.  I will never judge or look down on your desires.  Be open and honest about your fantasies and fetishes.  You may find expressing your deepest cravings quite liberating.

Why are you filling out this questionnaire?

2. Do you reside in the LA area or plan on making time to visit me soon?

3. How did you find me?

4. Who have you served and do you have any references?

5. What is your experience level?

6. What type of session is it that you fantasize about most often?

7. What are your fetishes?

8. When did you first become aware of your fetishes?

9. In your fantasies which of these type of clothing do you envision?

 Leather PVC Latex Vintage Business Suits Nurse's Uniform School Girl Stockings All the Above and More!!


10. Describe your most meaningful session and why?

11. Now, describe your ideal session.

12. Do you consider your self a masochist, if so to what degree?

13. How do you feel about marks?

 No, thank you. Discrete areas only. Yes please!!!

14. Would you consider your self a submissive?

15. What boundaries do you expect your Mistress to abide by in session?

16. What is your favorite piece of equipment and why?

17. Do you have any medical conditions?

18. Tell me about yourself (discreet contact information):

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Additional details for discretion:

19. Is there any thing else that you would like to share with me?

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