Please your Mistress…

For Me, BDSM is all about the energy exchange.

The interaction between us, watching your responses to My words and actions, experiencing together something new, intense, sensual, powerful, taboo—these are the elements that make BDSM exciting for Me.

I feed off the energy that you give Me when you take the pain I inflict, follow My orders, worship Me, wait on Me, and surrender your body and mind to Me as My playthings. When I am shown the adoration and respect I deserve, My dominant and sadistic urges are fueled, which in turn gives Me more energy and inspiration to play with you, starting the energy exchange all over again. Action and reaction, watching your responses to Me…I will use your BDSM interests to initiate these dynamics.

Listening to your fantasies and learning your fetishes is the beginning of a journey together. I like to explore new territory. I like hearing about your secret desires and making them into reality. I will guide you through the dark parts of your psyche and safely return you, leaving you wanting and waiting for the time when we again go to those thrilling places together.

Safety, cleanliness and a clear understanding of our mutual boundaries will set the trusting environment that is so important to truly exploring BDSM. Once I gain your trust…I will alternate between the extremes of my BDSM skills. My play style is sensual, playful, fun, with a sadistic edge. I can be gentle or severe, depending on the moment.


I am an experienced Dominatrix and BDSM enthusiast and I get into a wide range of activities. I welcome the opportunity to assist novices in gradually exploring their fantasies as well as the chance to play with an advanced sub. Extreme activities such as bullwhipping, piercing, knife play, scarification and severe canings are equally valued as light sensation play with a nervous beginner. I will use My expertise and experience at your level, pushing your limits at times, but ultimately respecting your boundaries.

Scenes that particularly create for me that centrally important special energy exchange are:

CBT • I will take your “prized possessions” and use them as I like.

Medical • I love to play nurse and use you as My lab rat. I will poke and prod you with sounds; catheters, speculums and needles just for starters.

Chastity • One of My favorite ways to control you is with a chastity device. When we are not together, perhaps even long distance, I will hold the key and feel assured that I am always on your mind.

Nipple Play • The face-to-face interaction and direct contact of touching your sensitive nipples is one of My favorite activities. I like zippers, various clamps, needles and feathers as tools of nipple torment and teasing.

Sensation Play • I will make you aware of parts of your body you don’t usually notice, such as the back of your neck, your hair, bottoms of your feet…I will give you a myriad of sensations to experience-suddenly changing from light to harsh without warning and for no reason, if I wish.

Fingernails • I like to dig into your flesh with My long and sharp natural fingernails, or sensually drag them gently across your skin, making your body tingle from My touch.

Tickling • BDSM is not only about pain, it is also about fun and sensuality. I like to use feathers, My nails, My hair and other items to tickle you, making you laugh until your stomach hurts, and giving Me a laugh too.

Corporal • In contrast to tickling, I also enjoy administering painful corporal punishment. Usually I will work up to a paddle or cane very slowly, savoring your anticipation.

Bullwhipping • I always hit my mark!

Spanking • An exchange so personal, so traditional, so simple and pure. Just my hands and your bottom.

Trampling • Standing with my bare 7.5 size feet on your chest, looking down at you with my sparkling blue eyes-you will feel yourself overwhelmed by a sensation of submission.

Bondage • My preference is to use leather restraints to hold you down, but I also enjoy tying you up with rope, letting the rope snake sensually over your skin until you are immobilized.

Gags • Because I like to hear the sounds of your pain and pleasure reactions, I like using gags that allow Me to hear you. Some favorites are a dog bone, a pacifier or my nylons.

Electricity • From a distance I will control you, delighting in your intense reactions to my slight flick of a button or twist of a knob, completely controlling you with the slightest gesture.

Suspension • I want to see you helpless in a leather sling, suspended in the air and awaiting your fate.

Puppy Training • Because my submissives are truly my pets, training you to be a proper puppy comes naturally to Me. Like any dog, you will wait on my every move, obey my commands, and give Me the adoration that I deserve as your owner.

Humiliation • The form of humiliation that I prefer is teasing. For example, I like to talk about what is going on in your head, saying things that you might find embarrassing to discuss. I like to highlight your discomfort, maybe even add to it with my words. Emasculating toys that are pink, cute, and frilly will be especially fun to use on you.

Toilet Training • Preparing you for the greatest showing of your servitude, teaching you how to receive my precious golden “waste,” is a fantasy that I indulge with a privileged few.

Foot Fetish • I seek a submissive who can truly appreciate my glorious feet and worship them appropriately. The submissive who can perform an actual salon style pedicure holds a special place in my heart.

Body Worship • The privilege of worship must be earned. I allow worthy submissives to worship my tanned legs, delicious feet, and my shapely hands. When smothering you I may require a little kiss now and then to show your gratitude. Expect to be teased, denied, and then suddenly honored with the opportunity to show your adoration.

X-dress • We can go shopping at Frederick’s of Hollywood or other stores nearby which specialize in x-dressing clothing. The thrill of trying on clothes and lingerie together at a store, the fun of teaching you how to properly put on everything afterwards, and applying make-up and wigs to transform you into my girl are all elements that excite Me about x-dressing.